Updated: 27/07/15

   Congratulations to the TWA Seniors Club members whose names are published below. These youngster (at least at heart) are attaining the 50th anniversary of joining TWA. All of them began their TWA careers in 1964, and the TWA Seniors Club is sincerely happy to recognize this wonderful Achievement.
   Those who are members of the TWA Seniors Club have received their 50 year pins this year. Again congratulations to be following Seniors Club members on your 50 year milestone...

Fran Daino, President TWA National Club

France Yvan Fulchiron 04/16/64 CDG OPS
France André Becker 06/29/64 CDG OPS
Portugal Jose Manuel Mira Rodrigues  03/01/64
(All eligible Pin recipients have to be members of the "National Seniors Club")