Pic of the Month ! London 1954 Video 1955 (Enjoy ! marc)

David Knowles is a motoring historian and author of a number of books about the MG sports cars. His current project is a book onthe story of the MGA, which was in production in England between 1955 and 1962.The MGA was launched onto the international stage at the September 1955 Frankfurt Motor Show, which was based a few miles from Frankfurt's airport.To get one of the cars to the show, it was decided at the 11th hour by Nuffield Exports (BMC) to fly it out. In order to do this, a TWA Constellation was employed with a 'SpeedPack' pod bolted underneath the aircraft. It was a kind of an externalm removable cargo hold which could be used for freight cargo or, in theory, to supplement the Constellation's meager internal baggage compartments.The plan flew from London on February 21, 1955 and the journey was about 600 miles.The crew included Captain G.W. Lambert and Hostess Carol Joyce. The event was covered by a British film crew from Pathe News.

Captain G.W. Lambert flew forTWA 1940-1968; he "flew west" on November 30, 1995