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Important TWA Pension Information document link


If you want to continue receiving the AA Flagship News - by U S Mail

TWA Museum Funding

Travel - Health Insurance - Other TWA Retiree Info - AAL Retiree website

NonRev Travel Planner Improvements - You can now do the following:
View complete priority list for a flight.
E-mail a copy of a reservation.
Select a different cabin for each segment of an itinerary.
See all non-stop flights before connecting flights.
Print flight schedules.

New ability to display Sabre "Stars" - after signing on in Jetnet, go to "Retiree Travel". On that page, half way down on right side you will see a box with N* (the * means display). A good star to start with would be N*TVLNDX which would give you the Employee Travel Information Index, which contains a listing of many stars that you can pull up for a reference using the N* format.

Jetnet listing has been enabled for TWA Retirees.  Click on List & Go and then click on Flight Availability/Listing and follow the prompts.

AA has now produced a TWA Trip Book.    To get to it, log on to Jetnet, then click on the Retiree Travel link.   On the left side under "Retiree Travel" you will see a link "TWA Trip Book".

ZED Mileage Calculator - Click on the calculator; fill out the short form in the pop-up window

Change of Address form - NEW PROCEDURES -

In Memory Of...

My Last Ride On TWA by Dan McIntyre

TWA Seniors CLUB Newsletters

Membership Application and The Purpose of the TWA Seniors Club

Operation Liftoff - has TWA Memorabilia for sale

Name Badges with your chapter affiliation

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