THE TWA SENIORS CLUB is composed of officially retired employees of TWA and anyone who worked for TWA or OZARK/TWA for any length of time but who left the companies before acquiring retirement status, and the surviving spouses and children of both categories. We are a nonprofit entity whose primary purpose is to promote social and group activities among the members, and to assist the well being of our members and TWA, LLC, an American Airlines Company, whenever we can.

        FURTHER, we are indeed a lobbying voice on behalf of the membership. It is reasonable to assume that the more members we represent, the more impact we have.

        MAJOR EVENT take place each year - the Annual General Meeting in the spring, hosted by one of the Regional Chapters. . This event provide a wonderful opportunity for you to renew old friendships and establish new ones.

       AS A MEMBER your will receive the "TWA Seniors Skyliner" three times a year. This publication provides information as to the activities of the National organization, as well as those social events sponsored by the local Chapters. Also information is given on any changes or additions to travel benefits, insurance programs or any other subject that may possibly have an effect on our members.

       THE ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEE IS $15.00 per calendar year.  For more information you can email one of our Executive Committee members.  Also, if you are interested in establishing a Chapter in your area, let us know and we shall be happy to assist you.  Executive Committee member email addresses can be found from the opening page by clicking on the large red button labeled "Executive Committee."

       JOIN US TODAY by completing and mailing the following Membership Application.  You will learn about what is happening.  Say hello to old friends and meet new ones who share with you many of your work life experiences.

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