"A Story About Young Jerry Cosley "
By Graham Hollenbeck

It seems timely to tell a story about young Jerry Cosley -- when he was new to the airline, maybe 1959.  Many of the names here will be alien to the less-senior (means not so old) retirees.

Jerry was a new Public Relations rep in Chicago, working on the staff of Regional Vice President Jim Harrigan.  I had kicked around Passenger Services at Midway, then a couple of Personnel assignments and became a Sales Rep at the same location.  We became acquainted and shared some fun, as Chicago TWAers are inclined to do.  We were well before the GAME Trivial Pursuit, but we began challenging each other with remote, useless facts.

Mostly, we would intersect in the stock room, between his part of the office and mine.  One day, I was there picking up some sales material and Jerry enthusiastically (everything was enthusiastic with Jerry) came up with his challenge of the day.  No introduction.  Just a question.

The Lone Ranger's nephew's horse?!!!!!

I said "you can't expect me to know THAT"!

He said that he didn't know EITHER, but he KNEW the name of the lad's horse had been revealed on one of the radio episodes.

Well, we kicked it around for a while and determined that the Lone Ranger's nephew was named Dan Reid.   Yes, Dan Reid.  But, his horse?  Who can know that ---  even  lightning-quick, highly-educated future executives?

Quietly, the custodian (George was his name), while sweeping the floor, muttered "Victor"!  And, Jerry and I went back to work, realizing we probably should be carefull not to judge a book by its cover.  No one of us is as smart as all of us.

We'll all miss you, Jerry.

Graham Hollenbeck TWA 1955-1983