Pointe Made

Posted 02/23/04

By Miriam & Herbert Kravitz

We awoke that wintry morning in the 1980s to find snowflakes lazily floating past our window. We could see an accumulation forming as the snow intensified. Our packed luggage with swimsuits, Tees and shorts stood nearby. We looked forward to our planned weekend at the Pointe Hilton in Phoenix, Arizona.

We wondered aloud if our flight would take off or even if the inbound equipment would arrive in the first place. With our luggage stashed in the trunk, we began our trek from the Bronx, New York to JFK. The going was slippery and rough, crawling along at a snail’s pace until we reached TWA’s Hangar 12. We parked our car and half-carried, half-towed our luggage along like sleds.

The snow continued as we made our way to the crew bus. Non-revs and crew members were all bundled in winter gear as we boarded and found seats. Herb took the window seat and I sat beside him. I started a conversation with a friendly gentleman in the aisle seat beside me, asking him if he thought the flight would take off in all this bad weather. He answered, "Of course it will, I’m your pilot!"

P.S. The inbound equipment showed up …we were able to board … it did indeed take off … and we had a few nice days in the sun.

Miriam Kravitz, is the wife of Herbert Kravitz (1964 – 1993), who served in Technical Services/Maintenance at JFK.

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