Our Grounded Carpet – A Fond Remembrance

Posted October 2, 2003

By Miriam Kravitz

There was once a flying carpet,
in shades of red and white,
which glided through the skies,
so much to our delight.

It flew to Magic Kingdoms,
exotic ports of call,
sandy beaches touched by sun,
perhaps a waterfall.

 It scooped us up beneath the clouds,
and sent us up above,
the glinting sun upon us all,
was like a kiss of love.

Then one day the carpet wore,
the threads became so bare,
it didn't want to fly again,
it didn't seem to care.

 We mourned the flying carpet,
that flew through wind and rain
but deep inside our hearts knew,
It wouldn't fly again.

This touching poem was written by Miriam Kravitz, wife of Herbert Kravitz (1964 – 1993). Herb served in Technical Services/Maintenance at JFK.

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