Lingerie Sail

Posted 05/04/04

By Bob Lorenz 

Back in days gone by, the free baggage allowance was 40 pounds. Passengers desiring to check baggage weighing more than 40 pounds were assessed an excess baggage charge.

One afternoon at STL a rather large and certainly well-endowed lady came to the check-in position carrying two large suitcases, one beneath each arm. The check-in agent advised her that there would be an excess baggage charge of so many dollars, and she quickly turned the air blue with profanity. Suddenly, the lady stopped her outburst and said, "Gimme that bag!"

The agent gave her one of the bags which she placed on top of the counter and opened it. The air that moments ago had been filled with profanity now was filled with brassieres, panties, hankies, and what-not. Shortly she stopped and said, "Now weigh the SOB!" She was given her ticket, checked in, and went on her way, and we set about gathering up all of the clothing and tidying up the area

But if you think the story ends there, you'd be wrong. After "Miss Lovely" headed for the gate, I noted that a number of people had gathered in front of the counter, pointing and laughing. Now what's wrong, I wondered? I went out front to the check-in position and there, hanging from a light fixture over the counter, was the biggest brassiere in the world.

Bob Lorenz (1946 -1982) started out loading bags in STL. He later worked in Ticketing, Reservations and Sales at STL, and at 380 Madison Ave NYC.

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