An Employee Jacuzzi?

Posted December 18, 2003

By Judy McIntosh

As a contingent flight attendant during the strike in 1986, I was based in LAX along with several other Kansas City IT staff and flew the wide-bodies.

On one L1011 flight from LAX to JFK, my co-worker was former DCS Keith Early. I was using the elevator to work the lower galley that trip, and a passenger asked Keith what was "down" there? "He replied …"it’s the employee’s Jacuzzi." I have never forgotten the exchange and would bet that passenger is still wondering whether or not we did have a Jacuzzi in the belly.

Another time, I had a passenger ask what my real job was and I told him. He said, "Well, I could tell, because you sure don’t know anything about liquor!"

Judy McIntosh (1972-1998) worked in Information Technology at MKC.

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