That Day of Infamy

Posted 02/05/04

By Keith Horton

On the evening of Saturday, December 6,1941, I had attended a TWA function at the Continental Hotel in downtown Kansas City. I had gotten back to my boarding house room at such a late hour that December 7 had arrived. I had planned to sleep late that morning, so I was quite chagrinned when someone awakened me at about eleven in the morning to tell me that Pearl Harbor had been attacked.

The rest of the day was spent listening to radio reports of the attack, commenting on the suddenness of it and what effect it might have on our lives. At that time we could not imagine how the lives of so many Americans would be so drastically altered during the next four years, as would the lives of people all over the world.

On the next day I was back at work at the TWA hangar at Kansas City Municipal Airport and I remember listening to President Roosevelt's radio address about " … the day that will live in infamy …".

Sad to say, those same feelings were awakened some sixty years later, on a morning in September.

Keith Horton, 1941-1983, served in Maintenance/Tech Services - Engineering

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