"Captain Bounce"

Posted 02/05/04

By Bob Paul

Having a penchant for cartooning, I once was asked to draw one to present to one of our captains for a party in his honor. He was constantly being teased by colleagues because they claimed he was never able to land a C-69 (military designation for the Boeing 307 Stratoliner) smoothly, and would always log a number of bounces on the runway before coming to what loosely could be termed a landing. In my drawing, I showed a Stratoliner bouncing along the runway with the control tower in the background.

From the tower I made zig-zag drawings to illustrate a radio conversation between them and the pilot, with the tower asking which of his landings he wanted recorded as his official "on" time. He accepted the cartoon graciously and I’ve lost track of him over the years.

I don't wish to mention his name, but some of our ICD pilots might recall the gentleman of whom I write.

Bob Paul (1940-1973) worked in a number of TWA departments and cities, concluding his career in NYC Sales Promotion.

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