A TWA Memory

Posted October 2, 2003

By Emil Schoonejans

Each day of my 36-year career revolved around what I call "TWA Memory #1."

It was May 14, 1949, and I had answered a newspaper ad by TWA for an aircraft cleaner at LGA. I was interviewed first by Betty Letcher in TWA's office complex on the upper level of LGA's hangar #4. After looking over my application, Miss Letcher sent me down to see Jack Miller, the General Foreman of Maintenance. Jack also checked my application and then asked, "Since you have an A & E (Aircraft & Engine repair) license, why are you looking for work as a cleaner; and since you live in New Jersey, why do you want to travel to LGA every day?"

My answers were: "Because that is what and where the job and opening exist!"

Jack replied, 'I will start you as an aircraft fueler, and you can report to Mr. Jerger at EWR."

So, just this one line describes my very first TWA Memory: I was hired, promoted and transferred on the same day.

Emil Schoonejans (1949-1985) worked in Technical Services/Line Maintenance at EWR and LGA.

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