Holy Moses!

Posted December 18, 2003

By Michael Irvin

Working for TWA over 35 years provided many wonderful stories about the celebrities we met almost daily. 

For example, during my 3-year stint in EWR I was working the ticket counter one night and saw actor Charlton Heston checking in for a flight. There was "Moses," bigger than life, chit-chatting with all of the agents. After several minutes a female agent screamed "You're my most favorite actor!" She grabbed him by the lapels of his jacket, pulled him over the ticket counter and planted a hot kiss full on his lips. 

We were all taken aback, but he was very gracious and laughed along with us. He chatted for a few more minutes and then left to catch his flight. 

I relate this story now because you could never get away with anything like that with today’s "celebrities" … and isn't that sad!

Michael Irvin (1966-2001) worked in ATOs and Operations at DTW, MCI, TOL, EWR and SAT.

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