Captain Robert N. Buck, 1914-2007

Editor’s Note: While Bob’s final Flight West” marks the end of a lifetime, his love and skills live on in the hearts of all who knew and worked with him, and the legions of young airmen and women whose futures will forever be guided by his many books and articles … a very, very rich legacy! In the following, Bob’s son, Rob, a retired Delta captain, shares some personal thoughts on the passing of a remarkable man and aviation legend.

“Just wanted to pass a bit of family news along.  My father, Bob Buck, passed away yesterday, April 14, 2007, age 93. Complications with liver/kidney problems, (go figure, a man of little drink, good habits and no smoking after the 1940s), that came to a head when he broke his hip last Wednesday. I know he met a lot of the folks at the Plymouth, N.H. gatherings, which he so enjoyed, hence thought I'd pass you the news. 

“Up to the end, he held his wit, sharp mind, fantastic memory and curious determination. Heck, he cooked a nice rib dinner for my sister and husband the night before he fell … complete with pumpkin pie! Spent a lot of time with him throughout the years, especially his last few, of recent happily helping him with chores, getting around or just how dying. So, besides a Dad, he was a great buddy you loved to be with. We miss the heck out of him, but so respect his marvelous ride in life … the flag is passed. At his request, no formal services will be held … but we'll still probably hold a little local gathering of friends and family in May sometime.

“Thanks for passing the word. Best to all …”

                                                  Rob Buck