1930s Rules for Operating Employees

Posted 02/23/04

Author unknown

The following article was included in a review of TWA’s history in the October/November 1962 issue of Flite Facts, published by Flight Operations.

Any review of the past would be incomplete without a brief look at the manual then used as an operational guide. The first flight operations policy manual was issued in November 1930 and consisted of less than thirty-five pages, 6 x 9 inches in size. A comparison of the old with the present- day manual illustrates to a degree the magnitude of change – in both the technology and procedures – experienced in the last thirty years.

The following excerpts from the original manual should prove interesting, in that they provide insight into the state-of-the-art as it then existed. It is noteworthy that certain basic considerations of safety, passenger relations, and employee conduct and appearance were emphasized in the tri-moter era even as they are today.

General Rules

Pilots, co-pilots, Field Managers, Division superintendents and other employees when addressing each other in the conduct of business and in the presence of, passengers and other outside persons should address each other as Mr.---. This ruling is not meant to obstruct a friendly close contact, but we have been criticized by some of the patrons as being unbusinesslike in this respect.

Pilot and co-pilot are to cooperate with the Field Manager in the servicing of the airplane. Before airplane leaves hangar to load passengers at a terminal station prior to a departure, the co-pilot shall see that the airplane is stocked with all necessary supplies.

All pilots and co-pilots will call Dispatcher or field Manager by telephone one hour before scheduled departure time, and will report to Dispatcher or Field Manager, in person, thirty minutes prior to scheduled departure time.

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