Membership Application for New and Renewing Members
Dues are $15.00 per calendar year Jan. 1  -  Dec. 31
Make checks payable to:    TWA Seniors Club
Mail to:
TWA Seniors Club
(Effective August 01/2012) P.O Box 901475
                   KANSAS CITY MO 64190   

Name:______________________________Spouse name:_________________________


Email address:_______________________

Name of Regional Chapter to which you belong:_________________________________

(TW/OZ)  PRN:____________Year hired:_________Year retired or left TWA:________

(TW/AA)  AA ID #_____________Year hired with TW:_____________

(TW/AA)  Still active with AA: _____________ Year retired or left AA:_____________

I am joining as: Children of TWA/OZ Retirees/Former Employees________________
I am joining as:  Retiree:___________Associate:____________Survivor:_________
(See definitions below)         (Indicate status by “X” in one of the above)
Please send top portion with your payment.      Keep bottom portion for your records.
Check number:_______                TWA SENIORS CLUB    Date paid:___________

Status:   Retiree:      TWA retirees and Ozark Airlines retirees listed in the official files
                                   obtained from TWA, LLC by the TWA Seniors Club in February
                                   2002, and thereafter maintained by the Seniors Club.

              Children:      TWA/OZ Retirees/Former Employees.
              Associate:   Any former TWA or Ozark employee who did not qualify for
                                   official retirement. Also any TW/AA employee who is still active      
                                   or retired, or did not qualify for official retirement.
              Survivor:      The surviving spouse of a Retiree or Associate Member. 
Note:    Retirees, Children of TWA/OZ Retirees, Associate Members, and Survivors, upon payment of annual dues,
               shall be eligible to participate in all Club activities. Annual dues should be sent to the
               address above. Dues are $15.00 per member (husband and wife are “one” member).
               No membership card is sent. The mailing label on your Seniors Skyliner
               indicates the “paid thru date” of your membership.

(Rev: july 2012)