TWA B17 - 1946
(Special Thank you to Boeing - Marc Brecy May 2006)

The first post-war Fortress to receive a U.S civil registration was 44.85728, assigned the experimental certificate of NX4600 on july 17, 1946. It was later became NL1B when TWA received the converted 299AB from Boeing and a limited type certificate from the CAA.(NASM)

  • General civilian utilization of the B17 began with the issuance of Limited Type Certificate L-1 on december 2, 1946, by the Civil Aeronautics Administration. Though the CAA had previously licensed B17s in the Experimental category, the issuance of the Limited certificate broadened the scope of operations beyond the highly restrictive Experimental license issued for ferry and test flights. The granting of the Limited airworthiness certificates enabled operators to carry passengers or cargo in private, restricted commercial, and corporate use.
  • The Limited Type Certificate (LTC) was granted to Trans-continental and Western Air Inc. precursor to Trans World Airlines. They obtained (and are still recorded as hold of) the LTC because of their efforts to convert B17G 44-85728 to executive use for development of new route structures on TWA's foreign runs. Boeing was hired to rebuild the Fortress at their Seattle facility, which the company saw as a opportunity to explore the post-war market for similar Fortress conversions. Boeing designated the conversion as Boeing Model 299AB, and obtained the registration of NX4600 for the aircraft after it was purchased in june 1946. Once the modifications were completed TWA deployed NX4600 to the Middle East and used it to transport TWA executives to the International Air Transport Association Conference held in Egypt in October 1946. With the issuance of the LTC, TWA re-registered NX4600 as NL1B, but the Fortress as transferred to the Shah of Iran in April 1947, after which it was given the Iranian registration of EP-HIM. The airplane eventually ended up operating for a French survey company.

  • STORY B17 FLYING FORTRESS - 44-85728, Del Louisville 14/5/45; Rome 10/7/45; 4202 BU Syracuse 20/10/45; RFC Altus 28/11/45; sal 15 TSK Clovis 30/4/46; sold TWA as 299AB 1947 (Civil NX4600) for Near East survey work; Converted for Shad of Persia 1947 (EP-HIM); IGN france (F-BGOE); scrapped France 1970s