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Updated: 02/04/2017

Francine Daino

Where Ooh where did 2016 go? It seems like only last month when I flew to San Antonio and inspected hotel properties selecting the Sheraton Gunter for AGM 2017. The Gunter is such a lovely hotel with a fantastic location. It is an easy stroll to the famed River Walk. The River Taxi provides convenient and comfortable transportation to many wonderful restaurants and shops, plus a relaxing way to see many of the wonderful sites along the way. I was pleasantly surprised to see how River Walk has been extended over the years. You can now travel up river on the River Taxi to a whole new section with upscale apartments and eateries. It's well worth the trip. You travel through the locks and can actually disembark to simply walk the area and watch the locks raise and lower the riverboats. Be sure to make your reservations early, I blocked slighgtly less rooms this year. With our attendance continuosly dropping and having to guaranteeroom usage, I have to be finacially protective of the Clubs rescources. I can add rooms but they are subject to availability and I really don't want anyone to be disappointed that they can't get a room. Please book now if you haven't, rooms are limited. Registrations are very slow coming in.

Wow!! Now Christmans is Just around the corner. How can this be? Well looking back it has been a busy year.The American Airlines Retirement committee, which ismade up of representatives of TWA, US Airways, America West and American Airlines retirement clubs leadership, both union and non unions representatives continue to maintain a collaborative and working relationship with AA on behalf of our retirees. This is the first time a retirement group has had a working relationship with management. Since we formed our group about three years ago, we have had meetings with Mr. Parker and his management team to present our concerns, and suggestions. We have won some points such as getting the number of D1's increased for retirees. The latest improvement we have acquired is the 20 percent discount (which active employees have had) when using your frequent flyer miles. We are working on other improvement which we we hope management will be receptive to. We generally meet twice a year with management while having conference calls as we deem necessary as a committee. Our only goal is to represent the retirees and work to be sure they are fairly treated and on a level with active employees.

AGM 2018. We hoped to have this at the new TWA Hotel at JFK, however the opening will probably be delayed until late 20218. I will continue to work with the contacts I have made and keep you posted as to the progress towards this goal. Currently the ground breaking has been pushed off untill December 2016.

On that note, the Executive Board and I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmans and a Healthy Happy New Year.

Up, Up and Away
......Fran Daino