Updated: 04/01/2017 10:06 AM from Frankfurt am Main Germany
Attendee List 2017 AGM Convention San Antonio



  Allen Gary and Sue Centennial,CO USA
  Boyance Richard and Karen Glendale, AZ USA
  Burd Joan and Norm New Mexico USA
  Clode Patricia Los Angeles, CA USA
  Cook Dan So. Cal USA
  Daino Francine and John Yuma, AZ USA
  Davis Randy Palm Springa, CA USA
  Demarco Victoria Wyndmoor, PA USA
  Doering George and Dottie Hearts of America USA
  Ellmore Paul Palm Springs, CA USA
  Ficke Darlene "Queenie" Oak Lawn, IL USA
  Goldstein Barbara Lawrence, KS USA
  Hammers Loretta Kansas City, Mo USA
  Harshaw John Ridley Park, PA USA
  Hilliard Larry Arizona USA
  Hoberg Laura Guest of Rood USA
  Hoytal Mary   USA
  Inacio Jose and Maria Lisbon Portugal
  Miller A. Ray and Juanita Independence, MO USA
  Picard Annie Paris France
  Rahill John New Jersey USA
  Rood Kletus and Louis New Mexico USA
  Roque Jim Austin, TX USA
  Sharkey Tom and Joan Chicago, IL USA
  Washburn Judy Chicago, IL USA
  Weidner Frank and Rosa Lake Elisnore,CA USA