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If you are reading this and are a former employee of TWA we would ask that you please join our organization. We need your financial support to keep the club going. If you look at the "In Memory Of..." page (click on the "You Need To Know" button at the left) you will see how many retirees have Flown West in the last few years. Not all of them were members of the TWA Seniors Club but many were. If we are to survive as an organization, keeping TWA’s memory alive both in our hearts and online, we need your support. If you are not a member of the TWA Seniors Club (national organization) then we ask that you please join. Just click on the "Membership Info" button at the left and read about our organization and then click on the "Form" button to print off, fill out and mail your Membership Application along with your annual dues payment to the address on the form. We also encourage you to look at the "Chapters" section and find a regional chapter near you to join.

2015 AGM Las Vegas

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American Airlines Retiree Travel Survey.

Since American Airlines announced a new retiree travel policy in January, 2014 there has been quite a response to those changes.

Several retiree organizations including the Vanguards, Three Diamonds, Kiwis, Gray Eagles, US Airways Retirees and TWA Retirees, have had ongoing communications with the company on behalf of their members concerning this new retiree travel policy, starting April, 2014 at a retitree convention in Williamsburg, Va. where Doug Parker came to speak. The most recent meeting with the Company on this issue happened in January, 2015 and email communications are continuing. The Company responded to retiree concerns by increasing the number of D1 passes given to retirees from 4 to 6 for 2015. However the Company has been unwilling thus far to make any other changes to the policy announced in January, 2014.

These organizations are interested in presenting to the company feedback from a large, diverse cross section of retiree thoughts and feelings about the new retiree benefit program. With that in mind they have written a short 25 question survey available online until June 1, 2015. The survey is totally anonymous. If you would like to take the online survey, just click the following link:

You are welcome to forward the link on to other Legacy AA (TWA Retirees are now part of Lagacy AA) and Legacy US Airways retirees: Respondents do not need to be members of the above organizations. The more retirees who take the survey, the clearer and better the picture becomes of retiree thoughts on this very important retiree benefit. I addition, besides helping the organizations understand the sentiments of their members and other retirees on this very important issue, the survey will aid the organizations in developing future communications with the Company on this issue.

Please consider taking the survey and forwarding it on to your retiree friends.

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